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What is Off-Premises Utility Service Interruption Insurance

By April 19, 2023No Comments

Off-premises utility service interruption insurance coverage is a type of insurance that protects businesses and individuals from financial losses caused by service interruptions of public utility services such as electricity, gas, and water that occur away from their own premises. This type of coverage is typically included in commercial property insurance policies or can be purchased as a separate policy.

Off-premises utility service interruption insurance coverage provides financial compensation for losses resulting from service interruptions caused by events such as natural disasters, equipment failures, and human error. This may include losses due to spoiled food, lost income from interrupted operations, and damage to electronic equipment.

It’s important to note that not all types of utility service interruptions may be covered under this type of policy, and the specific terms and conditions of the policy may vary depending on the insurance provider. For example, some policies may exclude coverage for interruptions caused by rolling blackouts or other controlled power outages.

It’s essential to review the policy thoroughly and understand its limitations before purchasing off-premises utility service interruption insurance coverage. Additionally, it’s important to maintain good record-keeping and documentation of losses in the event of a claim.

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